Group Tours Calendar

Tour NameTour DateTour LeaderNo. of DaysTour PriceStatusView Tour
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants12-08-1714£4,395AvailableView
Colombia group tour – Amazon, Andes and Archaeology18-08-17Juan Ortiz14£3,995LimitedView
Uzbekistan group tour – Beyond the Oxus01-09-17Siddiq Wahid12£2,495LimitedView
Yellowstone Wildlife Safari02-09-178£3,795LimitedView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants02-09-1714£4,395AvailableView
Canada Group Tour – Great Bear Rainforest Cruise with Sue Flood03-09-17Sue Flood11£5,455FullView
Georgia Group tour – Walking through the Caucasus07-09-17Peter Nasmyth14£2,445LimitedView
Russia group tour – Russian Revolution a Centenary08-09-17Katya Galitzine7£2,895FullView
Yellowstone Wildlife Safari09-09-178£3,795LimitedView
Madagascar Group Tour – Land of the Lemur09-09-1713£2,595FullView
Yellowstone Wildlife Safari16-09-178£4,395LimitedView
Madagascar – Lemurs, Baobabs and Tsingy with New Scientist22-09-1715£4,995LimitedView
Yellowstone Wildlife Safari23-09-178£4,395LimitedView
Democratic Republic of Congo Group Tour – Bonobo Expedition in the DRC23-09-1713£callAvailableView
Iran Group tour – A Persian Journey06-10-17Dr Richard McClary15£4,195LimitedView
Baja California Group Tour – Freediving in the Sea of Cortez with Hanli Prinsloo13-10-17Hanli Prinsloo9£4,695AvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants14-10-1714£4,395AvailableView
Ethiopia Group Tour – Christian Kingdoms15-10-17William Taylor13£3,995AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure16-10-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure17-10-177£5,575AvailableView
Puma Tracking in Chilean Patagonia19-10-17Diego Araya11£4,985AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure19-10-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure22-10-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure25-10-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure27-10-177£5,575AvailableView
Mexico – Day of the dead28-10-179£3,845AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure30-10-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure31-10-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure01-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Myanmar Group Tour – Shan Kingdoms to Mandalay02-11-17Caroline Courtauld16£2,995LimitedView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure03-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Saudi Arabia Group Tour – Behind the Veil04-11-17Peter Harrigan11£4,895LimitedView
India group tour – Textiles and Artisans of India04-11-17Rosemary Crill13£4,495LimitedView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure04-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure05-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure06-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure08-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure09-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure10-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure11-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Classic Polar Bear Adventure14-11-177£5,575AvailableView
Puma Tracking in Chilean Patagonia16-11-17Diego Araya11£4,985AvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants25-11-1714£4,395AvailableView
Galapagos – Cruise with Richard Dawkins07-12-17Richard Dawkins11£7,750LimitedView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants09-12-1714£4,395AvailableView
Galapagos – Cruise with Richard Dawkins14-12-17Richard Dawkins11£7,750AvailableView
Puma Tracking in Chilean Patagonia16-12-17Diego Araya11£4,985AvailableView
Italy Group Tour – Christmas in Florence22-12-17Local Guide5£1,995AvailableView
Russia Group Tour – Christmas in St Petersburg23-12-175£1,475AvailableView
Georgia Group Tour – Christmas in Tbilisi23-12-17Local Guide6£1,295AvailableView
Puma Tracking in Chilean Patagonia01-01-18Diego Araya11£callAvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants06-01-1814£4,495AvailableView
Gabon Pioneering Group Tour – Wildlife and Culture of Africa’s Eden13-01-18Guillermo Casasnovas13£6,395AvailableView
Kenya Group Tour – Elephants of Samburu with Saba17-01-18Saba Douglas Hamilton8£7,295AvailableView
Baja California Cruise – Whale Watching with New Scientist22-01-18Art Taylor14£4,895AvailableView
India Group Tour – On the trail of snow leopards02-02-1813£4,495AvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants03-02-1814£4,495AvailableView
India Group Tour – On the trail of snow leopards03-02-18David Sonam13£4,495AvailableView
Japan Group Tour – Winter Wildlife Photographic Tour with Sue Flood10-02-18Sue Flood15£9,950FullView
India Deccan Odyssey – A Historical Rail Journey in the company of Mihir Bose15-02-18Mihir Bose11£6,195AvailableView
Saudi Arabia Group Tour – Behind the Veil18-02-18Peter Harrigan11£5,795LimitedView
Puma Tracking in Chilean Patagonia21-02-18Diego Araya11£callAvailableView
India Group Tour – Track Snow Leopards in Ladakh with New Scientist25-02-18David Sonam14£5,295LimitedView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants03-03-1814£4,495AvailableView
Winter Wolves in Yellowstone04-03-189£5,295LimitedView
Puma Tracking in Chilean Patagonia08-03-18Diego Araya11£callAvailableView
Mozambique – Freediving, Yoga and Dolphins with Hanli Prinsloo09-03-18Hanli Prinsloo10£4,595AvailableView
Winter Wolves in Yellowstone12-03-189£5,295LimitedView
Mozambique – Freediving, Yoga and Dolphins with Hanli Prinsloo18-03-18Hanli Prinsloo10£4,595AvailableView
Winter Wolves in Yellowstone20-03-189£5,295LimitedView
Galapagos Islands with Jonathan Green and New Scientist01-04-18Jonathan R Green11£5,775LimitedView
Iran – Luxury Train Journey with Michael Portillo07-04-18Michael Portillo15£10,999AvailableView
Galapagos Islands with Jonathan Green and New Scientist08-04-18Jonathan R Green11£5,775AvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants21-04-1814£4,495AvailableView
Uzbekistan group tour – Beyond the Oxus28-04-18Chris Aslan Alexander12£2,715AvailableView
Greece group tour – Ancient Macedonia Kingdom of Alexander28-04-18Carolyn Perry8£2,795AvailableView
Nepal Group tour – Mustang Valley walking and jeep safari29-04-18Nima Lama15£3,975AvailableView
Scotland – Wilderness and wildlife03-05-18Fergus Beeley8£3,995AvailableView
Armenia and Georgia – The Caucasian Silk Route03-05-18Ian Colvin13£3,595AvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants05-05-1814£4,495AvailableView
Spain Group Tour – Islamic Geometric art in Andalucia13-05-18Eric Broug8£3,995AvailableView
Galapagos – Photographic Cruise with Sue Flood20-05-18Sue Flood11£6,195AvailableView
Albania Group Tour – Origins of Illyria01-06-18Carolyn Perry9£1,595AvailableView
Malaysian Borneo group tour – Maliau Basin Expedition03-06-18Robin Hanbury Tenison14£4,995AvailableView
Indonesian Borneo Group Tour – Orangutan Conservation03-06-1810£3,395LimitedView
Kyrgyzstan & China group tour – A Journey along the Silk Road05-06-1816£4,295AvailableView
Namibia Group Tour – Predator Conservation with AfriCat22-06-18Donna Hanssen13£5,295AvailableView
Peru Group Tour – Pre-Inca Civilisations29-06-18Hugh Thomson13£4,495AvailableView
Spitsbergen – Arctic Expedition Cruise with Monty Halls and Sue Flood07-07-18Monty Halls12£6,450AvailableView
China group tour – Qinghai Festivals & Textiles17-07-18Gina Corrigan17£3,495AvailableView
South Africa Group Tour – Rhino Conservation Project21-07-189£2,295AvailableView
South Africa Group Tour – Rhino Conservation Project21-07-189£2,295AvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants04-08-1814£4,495AvailableView
Amazon Cruise – Wildlife and Communities10-08-18Benedict Allen10£4,850AvailableView
Madagascar Group Tour – Photographic Journey with Sue Flood19-08-18Sue Flood16£9,995AvailableView
Colombia group tour – Amazon, Andes and Archaeology24-08-18Juan Ortiz14£5,295AvailableView
Tibet group tour – Ancient Civilisation and Culture31-08-1811£3,495AvailableView
Democratic Republic of Congo Group Tour – Bonobo Expedition in the DRC01-09-1813£callAvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants01-09-1814£4,495AvailableView
Spain Group Tour – Prehistoric Cave Art of Northern Spain03-09-18Charles Schwalbe8£3,795AvailableView
Iran Group tour – A Persian Journey04-09-18Sylvie Franquet15£4,995AvailableView
Georgia Group tour – Walking through the Caucasus06-09-18Peter Nasmyth14£2,995AvailableView
Armenia & Iran – From Median Empire to Modern Day07-09-18William Taylor16£5,895AvailableView
Canada Group Tour – British Columbia Grizzly Bear Photography07-09-18Sue Flood8£8,995AvailableView
Madagascar Group Tour – Land of the Lemur09-09-1813£3,295AvailableView
Tonga Group Tour – Humpback Whales with Doug Allan15-09-18Doug Allan12£5,395AvailableView
Zimbabwe Group Tour – Gonarezhou and the Mahenye Festival17-09-18Clive Stockil8£5,595AvailableView
Russia group tour – Jewels of St Petersburg25-09-18Katya Galitzine6£2,495AvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants29-09-1814£4,495AvailableView
Ethiopia Group Tour – Wolves, Primates and Rock-Cut Churches05-10-1812£4,595AvailableView
India Group Tour – Classic Rajasthan07-10-18Arun Pratap Singh Manohar12£5,325AvailableView
Papua New Guinea group tour – Birds of Paradise07-10-18Phil Gregory12£7,875AvailableView
Eritrea Pioneering Group Tour – Inside Africa’s Forgotten Kingdom18-10-1812£2,995AvailableView
Peru group tour – Textiles of the Sacred Valley19-10-18John Alfredo Davis Benavides10£4,750AvailableView
Nicaragua group tour – Turtles, Volcanoes and Colonial History25-10-188£callFullView
Canada Group Tour – The Ice Bears of Yukon26-10-18Phil Timpany14£8,995LimitedView
Saudi Arabia Group Tour – Behind the Veil02-11-18Peter Harrigan11£5,795AvailableView
Japan group tour – Science and technology with New Scientist04-11-1811£4,995AvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants10-11-1814£4,495AvailableView
Saudi Arabia and Jordan – Ancient Empires of the Nabatean15-11-18Peter Harrigan9£4,895AvailableView
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants01-12-1814£4,495AvailableView
Cameroon Pioneering Group Tour – Nguon Festival and Lowland Gorillas05-12-1812£3,395AvailableView
Italy Group Tour – Christmas in Florence22-12-185£1,995AvailableView
Russia Group Tour – Christmas in St Petersburg22-12-185£1,695AvailableView
Georgia Group Tour – Christmas in Tbilisi22-12-186£1,495AvailableView

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